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/ The following is a list of some of the problematic foods in regard to the Brocho Rishono (in no particular order).

Papaya -- According to the majority of contemporary poskim state that the Brocho for papaya is Ho'adama.

Cranberries -- While there are some poskim who state that the brocho for cranberries is Ho'adama, the majority of contemporary Seforim dealing with Brochos rule that the Brocho is Ha'etz.

Rice -- According to the Alter Rebbe it is preferable to eat rice as part of a meal. Otherwise one should say Shehakol. (Many people who do not plan on washing but want to play it safe eat first foods requiring Mezonos, Ho'adama and Shehakol).

Licorice Candy (e.g.Twizzlers) -- For years it has been said that the Brocho is Mezonos, but it seems from the contemporary seforim that one should say a She'hakol. Since this has always been a food where no consensus has been able to be reached, it would seem appropriate for one to say She'hakol.

Fruity Pebbles -- One should be aware that this cereal is produced in two different ways. The ones commonly found in the U.S. are made from rice (See above). The ones in Canada are predominately made from wheat and therefore it requires a Mezonos.

Corn Flakes -- Corn Flakes is either made by pressing pieces of cooked corn or from cornmeal. If it is made from pressed pieces the Brocho is Ho'adama. If it is made from cornmeal it would receive a Shehakol. From my knowledge Kellogs and Post uses the former method. General Mills and Weetabix uses the latter method. One should realize that companies may change procedures at any time. If one is not sure what method is used, then according to some Poskim one should say Ho'adama while others say to say She'hakol.

Hydroponically grown vegetables -- Shehakol

Breaded fish, chicken -- Since the breaded layer is generally not thick, a Shehakol is said. If however it is a thick layer (batter dipped) than one would need to say a mezonos on it.
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