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single-strand pearl necklace

I lost a single-strand pearl necklace somewhere between Razag and 770, probably on Kingston. Please call if found (310) 279-2466

Small Leather Siddur

Small leather pink siddur taken home by mistake from 770 last chof beis shvat. Name on it in the front is Miriam Rubin.

Someone took my kapota erev YK

someone took my kapota by mistake in the Empire Shtiebel mikvah, and I took his: the name inside the kapota I took is Rabbi Feiglin. If you have my kapota please call me at 646-915-7085 so we can switch.. I won't be in town in a couple days so the sooner the better..

Spiritual Guide to the Counting of the Omer

"A Spiritual Guide to the Counting of the Omer" booklet by Simon Jacobson with a label in the front saying that it was awarded to Breindel Gniwisch by Bais Rivka Montreal

Sunglasses and Bluetooth found

Found brand-name sunglasses on Brooklyn Ave near Union St. Found Bluetooth headset on Sterling St. Please call 347-401-3525 to claim or email iasands@gmail.com