A story of the Rebbe # 12 - The Story of the Second Window Print Email

Rabbi Goldstein relates:

?Even before the Rebbe accepted the nesius, he would usually come to every event that we organized for children. The Lag b?Omer parades were primarily attended by the children who came to the ?Messibos Shabbos? programs. They would sing niggunim, recite pesukim, say Shema, and they were given plenty of candies. Around fifty children would take part in the bigger parades, which was then considered to be a large turnout. If one hundred children took part, that was already something special.

?The Rebbe would speak in Yiddish, after which Rabbi Kazarnovsky would translate what was said into English. On one such occasion, while the Rebbe was speaking, I noticed that one of the windows of the Rebbitzen's room had opened. Apparently, the Rebbe Rayatz was there, and he was listening to every word that the Rebbe was saying.

?Not everyone noticed this. But I, who was used to looking out for such things, noticed it because I knew that I had to watch out ? This was the nature of Lag b'Omer, as it says in Tehillim: "Uncover my eyes that I may perceive the wonders of Your Torah.

Afterwards, a second window to that room opened. I looked up to see who was there, but I could not see anyone at all.

As soon as the Rebbe finished speaking, the secretary approached him and said, "Your father-in-law [the Rebbe Rayatz] wants to see you right away." The Rebbe immediately hurried upstairs.

Afterwards, the Rebbe related what had happened when he was in the Rebbe Rayatz's room. (And I heard this from Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner, who was present when the Rebbe himself spoke about it.) The Rebbe'said the following:

The Rebbe [Rayatz] told me, ?The difference of opinion between the Alter Rebbe and his mechutan, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev, regarding the verse, ?Veshomru Bnei Yisrael? [And the children of Israel observed] is well known. [Rabbi Levi Yitzchok] said to the Alter Rebbe, ?There is a hue and cry above, and a great fair takes place when the Jews say, ?Veshomru Bnei Yisrael.? The Alter Rebbe replied, ?Father-in-law, father-in-law, that is true, but we Don't need to be at every fair.?? When the Rebbe Rayatz finished speaking, he smiled and then continued, ?But the Alter Rebbe was present at this fair!?

?When I heard this story, I suddenly realized what had happened, and I said to myself, 'so that was the story behind the second window!?

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine