Erev Shabbos Chanukah Parshas Miketz 26 Kislev 5771


Mordechai Wilshinsky (Los Angeles, CA) to Joelle Cohn (New Haven, CT)

Rafi Cohen (Brazil) to Fraidy Sobels (Brazil)

Shneur Lifshitz (Cincinatti, OH) to Chana Gold (Crown Heights)

Moshe Cohen (Manchester, UK) to Leah Rose (Manchester, UK)

Shmuel Goldberg (Yerres, France) to Miri Lipsker (Nachlas Har Chabad, Israel)

Yossi Cunin (Crown Heights) to Chaya Mushka Charytan (Winnipeg, Canada)

Moshe Dunn (Charlotte, NC) to Tzippy Jaronowski (Monroe, NY)

It's a Boy

Chaim & Aidel Zaklos - Vacaville, CA

Sholom Ber & Chana Lew - Glendale, AZ

Yossi & Chanie Apfelbaum - Crown Heights

Dovid & Nechamie Palace - Crown Heights

Zalman & Esther Skoblo - Crown Heights

Zalman Shimon & Soshie Deren - Crown Heights

Yoel & Batsheva Belinitzky - Crown Heights

Nosson & Nechama Dina Shusterman - Brooklyn, NY

Bentzy & Rashi Marcus - Redondo Beach, CA

It's a Girl

Mendel & Devorah Leah Heidingsfeld - Manchester, UK

Yisroel & Chany Haller - Crown Heights

Mendy & Vivi Levertov - Crown Heights

Zalman & Chanie Spitezki - Crown Heights

Shmuly & Shaina Feldman - Crown Heights

Yitzchok & Miriam Wiener - Los Angeles, CA

Moish & Rochel Tombosky - Pittsburgh, PA

Yossi & Arielle Lasry - Yerres, France

Avraham & Bayla Kroll - Baltimore, MD

Bas Mitzva

Bina Eckhaus - Crown Heights


Mendel Berkowitz (Los Angeles, CA) to Chaya'le Baras (Crown Heights)

Shimon Shechter (Miami, FL) to Mushky Goldberg (Crown Heights)

Shloime Greenwald (Toronto / Rechovot, Israel) to Tzivyah Kehaty (New Orleans, LA)

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