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The Rebbe Rashab, Rabbi Shalom Dovber, said:

"Even the greatest minds must lay aside their intellect and not be ruled by reason and knowledge, for they are susceptible to being misguided by their intellect to the point that their end may be a bitter one.

"The essential thing in these times of the "footsteps of Moshiach" is not to follow intellect and reason, but to fulfill Torah and mitzvot wholeheartedly, with simple faith in the G-d of Israel."

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One must always think to himself:

"What have I done and what am I doing now to alleviate the birth-pangs of Moshiach, and to merit the complete Redemption which will come through our righteous Moshiach?"(Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, the Previous Rebbe)

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If one says, "Who am I and what am I worth that I should pray for Jerusalem...will the exiles be gathered and will salvation come because of my prayer?"

His answer awaits him, as we learn, "Man was created individually so that each person should say, 'The world was created for my sake.' It is the Blessed One's pleasure that His sons desire and pray for this [Redemption].

We cannot exempt ourselves because of our inadequate strength, for in relation to all such things we learn, "The work is not yours to complete, but you are not free to abstain from it."(Mesilat Yesharim, Rabbi Chaim Luzzatto)

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Our Sages explain that, in contrast to other living beings which were created in pairs, man was created alone.


So that every individual should say, "The world was created for me," and thus appreciate that his conduct can affect the totality of existence.

The coming of the Redemption depends on every single individual. Simply put, were people to open their eyes, the door would open and Moshiach would enter.(The Rebbe, 7 Tevet, 5752)

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Rabbi Aba said: There is no greater manifestation of the Final Redemption than the verse, "And you, mountains of Israel, you shall give forth your branches and you shall bear your fruit for My people Israel, because they have come near"(Ezekiel 36).

When the Land of Israel will give forth its fruit bountifully, then the Redemption will draw near; there is no greater manifestation of the Redemption than this.(Rashi)

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The time of the future (i.e. the Messianic Era) will see the fulfillment of the verse in Proverbs, "A woman of valor is the crown of -- and hence higher than -- her husband.'"(The Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi)

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You are writing off one of the tenets of our belief, the essential foundation of Judaism, belief in Moshiach, and ceding it to the non-Jews, just because they profess to believe in it as well!

Would you likewise cease to observe Shabbat, family purity, tefilin, tzitzit, etc. if the Christian missionaries would embrace them as their own religious doctrines?(From a letter of the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe)

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The Baal Shem Tov teaches, "When you grasp the essence, you grasp [the object] in its entirety."

Therefore, even after G-d causes the soul to descend and enclothe itself within a physical body, and even when [the world at large] is in a period of exile, the soul is not in exile.(From a Chasidic discourse of the Rebbe)

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The Divine service of our generation... contains a dimension of superiority (and in this context, an incomparable advantage) over the Divine service accomplished in previous generations, for the Divine service of previous generations was related to reason and logic.... The Divine service at the conclusion of the period of exile, by contrast, reflects the willingness for self-sacrifice, which emanates from the innermost level of the soul.(From a discourse of the Rebbe)

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G-d forbid that we despair of Moshiach's coming because of his delay. We must stand ready and await salvation as it is written (Habakuk 2:3): "Await him..." One must stand alert for Moshiach as one would stand awaiting another person. Perhaps at this very moment he is already standing behind the wall.(The Chofetz Chaim)

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A person must be zealous in his faith in Moshiach's arrival, one of the 13 Principles of our Faith.

It is fitting for one to have a strong desire, a great love and a boundless devotion to the extent that he will say, "Will I be given Redemption in my days?"

Just as one has a desire which is so strong that all his thoughts and longings are totally captivated by this desire, so should one desire the Era of the Redemption in order to reach perfection in body and soul.

With this complete desire, one fulfills the "duty of desiring the salvation."(Shevet Musar, chapter 51)

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"The fundamental of fundamentals is the belief in the coming of Moshiach."(Chofetz Chaim Al HaTorah, Parshat Noach, section 22)

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May we have unbounded rejoicing, reaching the level where we "do not know the difference between 'Cursed be Haman' and 'Blessed be Mordechai.'"

This will occur to the fullest in the Messianic age, when all the undesirable elements associated with "Cursed be Haman" will be transformed through our service into "Blessed be Mordechai."(The Rebbe)

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The Midrash (Bamidbar Rabba 11:3) says that the future Redeemer will be revealed, then concealed, then revealed again. This is quoted by the Chatam Sofer on the Torah at the end of the Torah portion of Exodus. He writes: "This is a great test that the Redeemer [Moshe] is concealed...and so it will be at the time of our righteous Moshiach; he will be concealed after his revelation, as mentioned in the Midrash."

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One might think that in order to succeed in bringing the Redemption, one must take into consideration the reaction of the world at large.

However, the world is ready and prepared!

When a Jew goes about his Divine service properly, rising beyond all limitations and constraints, yet doing so in a way that [his service] can be enclothed in the vestments of nature, he will see how the world, nature, and non-Jews, are indeed aiding him in his service.

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We have arrived at the time of Redemption, as it is stated, "For my deliverance is close at hand and the days until redemption are close."

Unlike the previous years where great toil was necessary, today, even a little can suffice... for the redemption is "waiting behind the door" as our Sages have already stated in their time, "All the deadlines have passed, it depends only upon our repentance."

How much more so does it apply today: Now is the time, as is well known.(Chidushei Torah of the previous Satmar Rebbe)

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As is well known, the concept of Redemption came into being with the Exodus from Egypt, and it was then too that a conduit was opened for the coming of the future Redemption. Since the same downward flow of Divine energy is aroused afresh every Passover as it was at the time of the Exodus, it is obvious that every Passover the radiance of Moshiach is aroused and afresh.(From Exile to Redemption)

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There will be honor and glory for the righteous in the future. How will it be in the world to come? G-d will sit in His study hall, the righteous of the world will sit before Him; each and every one's face will light up with the Torah that is within him. The ministering angels will stand around Israel, and say, "Fortunate is Israel, for all the pain, torture, and pressure they've had has passed and is gone, and now they have all that good and greatness."(Tanna DeVei Eliyahu)

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After all the living are gathered together, only the dead will be left behind. Then a great shofar will be blown and all dead Jews will live again. Zerubabel will blow his shofar, and the earth will tremble enough to raise all the bones buried therein, embedded in buildings, burned up, or submerged under a landslide. They will unite, bone by bone, as described in the episode of the valley of dry bones. G-d will give them sinews, flesh and skin. Then, the dew of life -- which contains the light of a soul's life -- will fall upon them from heaven.(Rav Hai Gaon)

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When one says, "We hope for Your salvation," he should bear in mind that he will be asked after his demise, "Did you await salvation?" Therefore, he should intend to be among those who hope for redemption.

However, even though the vast majority of our prayers revolve around expecting redemption, one cannot reply affirmatively when asked, "Did you await salvation?" just because he recited these prayers. Rather, one must expect redemption hopefully and wholeheartedly.(From When Moshiach Comes by Y. Chayoun)


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