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A story of the Rebbe #188 - "You Will Receive a Complete Matza on Condition" Print Email

Below is an excerpt from a letter written by a Tomim on 24th Nissan, 5727/1967:

"You have surely heard that a group of around 25 bochurim from Israel have come here, and they will be here for around a year. The Rebbe'spoke about them on Shabbos Hagadol, and also yesterday at the farbrengen. At first, it was not clear whether they would eat in yeshiva over Pesach, but in the end they did, and I heard that the Rebbe asked the yeshiva administration in yechidus where they would eat. From this it was obvious that they should eat in the yeshiva.

"I'm sure you also heard that 676 is closed, and everyone was to eat at 749 Eastern Parkway, opposite 770. However, as it is not yet finished, everyone will eat instead in Bedford until Shavuos. The Rebbe went to 749 on the first night of Pesach, and I heard that Yaakov Katz told him that the new building is almost completed. The Rebbe replied with a bracha: 'May a large congregation gather here.'

"On erev Pesach, Reb Zalman Duchman came to the Rebbe to receive matzos. The Rebbe'said, "If you continue to write your stories and publish another volume, you will receive a complete matza, and if not I will only give you broken pieces. ''"

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #189 - To Enter the Heart Print Email

A yeshiva student who used to take part in mivtzoyim during his free time (such as on Friday afternoons) wrote to the Rebbe that he did not see any actual results from his work. The Rebbe replied, "He cannot know what goes on in another person's heart. Our Sages said that this is concealed ??? Moreover, our Sages promised that words that come from the heart will enter the heart."

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #190 - Kabbalas Ol Print Email

An individual once told the Rebbe that he did not derive any geshmak (spiritual satisfaction) to be gained from a specific thing. The Rebbe replied, "At first you should do it with kabbalas ol (total acceptance), and only then will there be a geshmak."

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #191 - Like a Photographer in the Court Print Email

During hakafos, 5717/1957, the Rebbe unexpectedly went into the sukkah and asked for vodka. He then declared that he would give out vodka to anyone who agreed to increase in their study of Chassidus. During the distribution of the lechaims, the Rebbe'spoke to the Tmimim and yungeleit who approached him.

When M.L. passed by, the Rebbe'said, "Increasing in Chassidus doesn't just mean adding to one's studies or time, but also refers to an increase in the results of such study, in the realms of thought, speech and action. When you write a report on what you have increased in, in terms of learning Chassidus, you should include what you have added in your thoughts, speech and action."

To another Tomim, the Rebbe'said, "One whose ego is inflated by his knowledge of Chassidus can be compared with a photographer in a court."

When A.H. passed by, the Rebbe asked him why it was that when he missed breakfast, he felt cross and hungry, and this bothered him. Yet why was it that if he missed one, two, or even three days of learning Chassidus, it didn't bother him at all?!

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #192 - A Suggestion on How to Improve our Hiskashrus Print Email

A Tomim once asked the Rebbe for a bracha to be mekushar (have a spiritual connection) to the Rebbe. The Rebbe replied, "Think about the letters of the Tanya when you are in the street. As I do that as well, we will meet up with each other."

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #193 -"Just What I Wanted to Hear" Print Email

When Rabbi Shimshon Stock was living in Flatbush, he told the Rebbe that he did not know how he could arrange for his son to study at Tomchei Tmimim because it was far away from home. The Rebbe replied that he could send his son to any yeshiva, even if it was not Chabad. However, Rabbi Stock persisted and said that he specifically wanted his son to learn in Chabad. The Rebbe replied, "That is exactly what I wanted to hear!"

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #194 - Don't Delay Print Email

The Rebbe once told a bochur during yechidus to make a good resolution by doing a particular thing. It was already 1:00a.m, and the Rebbe added, "If you want your resolution to be fulfilled, you must start doing it tonight and not wait until tomorrow."

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #195 - No Heading at the Top of the Page Print Email

Rabbi Schneur Zalman Gurary used to produce the publication "Hatomim," which was published in Warsaw before the outbreak of World War II. On the instructions of the Rebbe Rayatz, edited copies of "Hatomim" that were ready for printing had to be seen by the present Rebbe first.

On one such occasion, when Reb Zalman brought the articles to the Rebbe, the Rebbe'stated that there was no need to put the name and number of the article at the top of each page. This heading is known as "the head," but as the Rebbe did not want to say that he wanted the pages "without a head," he kept hinting at what he wanted. "It took me a long time to understand what the Rebbe wanted because he really did not want to use that particular expression," Reb Zalman later related.

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #196 - "I Don't Want Him to Be Upset Because of Me" Print Email

Rabbi Leibel Groner relates, "One Shabbos, there was an unexpected farbrengen. The next day, Sunday, when I went into the Rebbe after Mincha, the Rebbe asked me about a particular bochur. 'I didn't see him yesterday at the farbrengen,' observed the Rebbe. I replied that on Friday morning, the bochur had asked me if I knew whether there was going to be a farbrengen on Shabbos. I replied that one had not been specifically planned. The bochur then said that since he lived out of town and his mother had not seen him for several months, he wanted to use the opportunity to go back home, and on Sunday he would fly back to New York and continue with his studies. And this is indeed what he did.

"The Rebbe then said, 'Although he had very good reasons for it, in actual fact he still missed a farbrengen, and he needs to take care not to miss farbrengens.' I then answered, "If so, [in future] should I tell the bochur that even when a farbrengen is not planned and I have no advance notice, he should still not spend Shabbos away from 770?'

"The Rebbe answered, 'No, don't tell him that. He will think that this has come from me, and he will be upset just because I am so bothered that he was not at the farbrengen, and I don't want him to be upset because of me''"

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #197 - Seeking the Voice of Torah Print Email

Rabbi Yisrael Rosenfeld relates:

"I recall that the Rebbe once entered the bochurim's zal, and the late chassid Rabbi Yisrael Jacobson approached the Rebbe and asked, ???What is the Rebbe looking for?' The Rebbe replied, ???I am seeking the voice of the Torah.'"

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #198 - Revival Print Email

A young Chabad boy who had heard theRebbe'ss repeated request to increase in our avodas Hashem once wrote to the Rebbe that he had resolved to recite Birkas HaShachar every morning with great concentration and meaning from within the Siddur.

The Rebbe replied, "You have revived me, like cold water upon a tired soul ???"

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #199 - Studying and Immersion Print Email

On the night of 24th Sivan, 5717/1957, the Rebbe told a Tomim during yechidus that, "studying Chassidus can be compared to immersing in a mikve. Just like immersing in a mikve only takes a short time but affects the whole day, making it pure, learning a little Chassidus each morning also has a very palpable effect on the rest of the day. And just as the immersion ritually purifies a person only if his hair is completely underwater, and if it isn't the person is not pure, this is also the case with learning Chassidus. During that time, the person needs to be totally immersed in what he is learning."

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #200 - "Keep a Picture of the Rebbe With You" Print Email

When a Tomim once complained to the Rebbe about intrusive thoughts, the Rebbe replied, "Always keep a picture of the Rebbe with you, and when these thoughts pop up in your head you can tell the yetzer hara, He's watching!'"

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #201 - "From the Walls of 770" Print Email

Rabbi Meir Harlig relates that at one time a particular bochur who did not study or behave appropriately stayed in the yeshiva in 770. After a while, he left 770 and got engaged. Before his wedding, he wanted to go back to 770 for several weeks, but the administration of the yeshiva refused to accept him.

When the bochur heard this, he wrote to the Rebbe that he wanted to be in 770 for a while before his wedding. The Rebbe approached the yeshiva's administration and told them that while he understood their decision they should allow the bochur to be there because, "from the walls of 770, one can receive many things."

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #202 - It is All Written in the Note? Print Email

Rabbi Gershon Noff relates: "A bochur who was learning in Tomchei Tmimim when it was still possible to go into yechidus for one's birthday told me that he had a yechidus with the Rebbe on his 14th birthday. The Rebbe asked him an unexpected question, and he replied in a very spontaneous manner, giving an incorrect answer [meaning that he lied]. When the bochur left the room, he started to feel very guilty about what he had done but felt that there was nothing he could do about it.

"The following year, when he was on his way into yechidus he decided to tell the truth and confess to the Rebbe what he had done. However, when he went in he lost his nerve and did not tell the Rebbe. This happened each year for the next five years.

"When the bochur reached the age of 19, he finally gathered the courage to write in his note to the Rebbe that he had lied five years previously and he wanted a tikkun. He wrote these things in a general way, without giving any details. When the bochur went into yechidus, he gave the note to the Rebbe, who started to read from it all of the details of his confession. The bochur was extremely surprised because he was completely sure that he had not included the details in his note. Standing on tiptoes, he tried to see what was written in the note. The Rebbe preempted him, however, and put the note on the table with the writing facing downwards.

"[The person involved in this story told it to me on Yom Kippur during the break between Musaf and Mincha, and he is known to be a reliable source.]"

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #203 - Before Bar Mitzvah It Won't Do Any Harm Print Email

Reb Leibel Bistritzky relates, "My son Levi [the late Rabbi Levi Bistritzky, a"h) often merited special attention from the Rebbe. For example, during Hakafos on Simchas Torah, the Rebbe gave him a sign of encouragement. Whenever I went to 770, I always made sure never to leave the place until the Rebbe had gone home. On one such occasion, I waited for the Rebbe on the sidewalk with Levi and his brother Yossi. When the Rebbe came out, we huddled together, and the Rebbe'suddenly walked right up to us and offered Levi his hand. I grabbed Levi's hand to make sure that he would not offer it to the Rebbe, as in Lubavitch it is not customary to hold out one's hand to the Rebbe.

"I said to the Rebbe, "Have mercy on the child." The Rebbe replied, "Before bar mitzvah it won't do any harm." At that moment, Levi held out his hand, and the Rebbe took it and said with a smile, ???I hear that you are learning well,' before giving him and his brother a blessing."

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #204 - If You Have a Fever, You Should Surely Come to 770 ??? Print Email

Rabbi Bistritzky relates, "At every farbrengen that my son Levi attended until the age of bar mitzvah, the Rebbe would invite him onto the platform. He would gesture to him and then give him some food. Once Levi didn't go to the farbrengen, and the Rebbe asked, ???Where's Levi?' I replied that he had a high fever, and the Rebbe answered, ???In such a situation, he should definitely come to the farbrengen.'"

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #205 - The Chassid Bought a Stroller Print Email

The chassid, A., who did not have any children, asked the Rebbe for a bracha. The Rebbe gave him a bracha, and a year later a son was born to A. A's friend, who was a misnagged and also wanted a child, was very inspired by this story, and he said, "If the Rebbe can give such blessings, I would also like a bracha." He asked the Rebbe for the bracha, which the Rebbe gave him.

However, a year went by, and then another, and the bracha was not fulfilled. So he visited the Rebbe again, and asked why A.'s bracha had been answered, but his was not. The Rebbe replied, "When your friend, the chassid, walked out of yechidus with the bracha, he immediately bought a stroller for the baby. He had so much faith that the bracha would be fulfilled, and it was this faith that formed the vessel to ensure that the bracha would be answered. This was not the case with you, who was just waiting to see what would happen ???"

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #206 - Physically Complete Print Email

Rabbi Sholom H. of New York was married for several years, and he did not have any children. At a farbrengen in 5716/1956, the Rebbe'suddenly turned to him and said people should stop calling him by his English name, Sidney, but only Sholom. He would then be whole (shalem) in body and soul, and a child would be born to him the following year. Exactly a year later, Sholom's wife gave birth to a daughter. Today, this daughter is the proud mother of many children.

Rabbi Yisrael Yitzchok Reisman of the Beis Din of the Eidah Hachareidis, who learned with the H. brothers during their youth, used to tell this story with great feeling. "It is so amazing that the Rebbe publicly promised a child to someone who had been childless for several years!" he would recall.

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine

A story of the Rebbe #207 - "Before the Eyes of All Israel" Print Email

Leading Chabad chassid Rabbi T.W. was married for many years, but did not have any children. Despite his requests for blessings over the years, nothing happened. In 5750/1990, which the Rebbe called "Shnas Nissim," the year of miracles, he and his wife decided to travel to Crown Heights and ask the Rebbe in person for a blessing and a promise that they would have children.

When the couple passed by the Rebbe during dollars, they asked for a blessing. They were overjoyed when the Rebbe replied, "This is the year of miracles, and it will be before the ???eyes of all Israel.'"

That year, twins were born to the couple.

Translated from the Kfar Chabad Magazine


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